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 Professional & Affordable Website Design

Our business is to create websites, whether it is static html pages or WordPress or other content management systems. If you would like a quote on a new website, contact us today. Our prices are reasonable, and we can work with you on the payment plans.

When you call us, if you are from the Twin Cities Metro area, we will meet you personally to go over your ideas, and I will give you a quote. I prefer, if possible to see your business, to get a better feel for what you need and your style. The creation of a website is a very personal thing, and from the start to finish, I will be keeping in close contact with you until you are satisfied with the result.

** Note: If you are outside of the Twin Cities Metro area,
we can arrange our meeting through a telephone conference or via email. **

There are several questions that I need to know before I give you a quote.

  1. Do you have a website now?
  2. Is this a re-design or a new website?
  3. Do you have a logo?
  4. Are there any other websites that you like, that are similar to what you want in a site?
  5. What colors do you like on a website?
  6. Are you going to do e-commerce with a shopping cart?
  7. If you are going to do e-commerce, how are you going to take payments? (PayPal, etc.)
  8. Do you have pictures of your products that you want to sell?

 Logos & Branding

If you do not have a logo, I can get you a premier logo for $150. This is in addition to the charges for the website. This defines who you are, and people will identify the logo with your business, so it is extremely important to have a good one.

 E-commerce Solutions

cart If you want a shopping cart on your site, let us set it up for you, to give your customers a happy and painless shopping experience.

You will need an ssl certificate to show your customers that they are safe using your site for online purchases, and a secure gateway that is PCI compliant.  Whether you use PayPal or your own merchant account, we can help you get this set up.

 Site Maintenance

Would you like us to maintain your finished website? We can also offer you a great package for maintenance, where we will do the updates for you. I can do this either hourly at the rate of $50 per hour, or as a monthly fee. Most changes and site maintenance can be done within the $50 limit, but if you have many changes to make every month, talk to me about a monthly flat fee.

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