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My name is Diana Moore, and I am a self taught website designer.  I started out designing websites for myself, and learned the hard way that some of the things I was seeing were not what I wanted to do.  I taught myself about graphics starting out with paint shop pro and then photoshop. I learned how to both hand code and have also done many WordPress sites.  I design websites that are validated, clean code, and search engine friendly.

I will not give you a bunch of hype, or empty promises that will never be kept.  Many of the website designers or SEO people will tell you "I can get you on the first page of Google".  I will never tell you that, but I will do the most that I can for you, and get you seen.  Why won't I tell you that?  Many years ago when the internet was young, and few people had websites, it was relatively easy to say that.  Now that there are hundreds of thousands of people on the net, it is a lot harder.  Not everyone is going to get a first place position.  But I will give you good code, validated and search engine friendly, and that is what they are looking for.  No hype, no strong armed sales pitch, just a really good website with all the bells and whistles that you need to succeed.

Some of the ads that I have done for clients have been featured in Victorian Homes Magazine and Old House Interiors.  I have also done many ads for clients in newspapers and mailers, and also done brochures, business cards & door hangers.  Tell me about your project and I will see what I can do for you.

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I would love to give you a free quote on your next project.  Call me today at (763)222-3639!

I am located in Big Lake, Minnesota, and if you live in the Twin Cities Metro or suburbs I will set up a meeting with you to discuss your needs for a website.  Outside of the area?   We can set up a meeting on skype or by phone or email.

You can also use our contact form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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